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I cannot sing the praises highly enough of the staff ........I can only say good things about both the staff and the setting

It was just a little email to say thank you so much for our meeting yesterday! I really appreciated yours and Sarah's time, as well as the support and advice and information you both provided! I found it so helpful, reassuring and most of all very kind!

I want to thank you and the team for the huge contribution you have made to the development of our girls and I recognise that their journey at Nursery have really set them up for the transition to school.

A big thank you for all of the staff for the effort put in and taking time to hold the forum and share the work that goes into planning sessions. It has really made me think more about supporting my daughter in getting set up for school next year and it was interesting to hear how she learns at nursery.

Thank you so much . This is an Extraordinary service which your giving to kids ,I really appreciated what you guys doing, you are all amazing teachers. Thank you.

I can confidently say I trust the staff entirely with every aspect of (her) care.... (she) is always well stimulated, the children all seem well mannered and I always feel any bad behaviour is dealt with appropriately.

I personally wanted to thank you for the excellent transition you put into place for my son....There were a number of things that you did that helped him have a smooth and happy start to Reception

There is no doubt in my mind that we could not have found a better nursery for our son to attend than Shadwell Childcare

Shadwell Childcare gave our son the opportunity to thrive in a loving and secure environment, and helped him achieve things that I never expected and for that and all of their support, I am eternally grateful.

Thank you so much for all the effort that all of the Shadwell Childcare team put into the Christmas performance this week. I can imagine it is rather challenging to organise so many young people, but the performance was fabulous!

I know (my daughter)  loves attending Shadwell Childcare as she is always telling me how going to nursery is the favourite part of her day!

I am so happy at how well (my daughter) has settled with you. Thank you and your team for looking after them

I just wanted to say, what an amazing job has been done with pre-school, the play areas are amazing.  The children are so lucky to have an brilliant pre-school to be part of his day,  he is so very happy at pre-school you all do an excellent job

I just wanted thank you all for looking after our son, he absolutely has enjoyed his 3 days at your October holiday club and has been so happy.  We are so pleased we found you

...there is absolutely no comparison. For me and my daughter, SCC is the best Nursery in the world - the nurture, care, love, compassion shown for all children and the amazing progress they make in SCC is Outstanding.

Management is exceptionally approachable and readily available - and newsletters and email communications are fantastic

We genuinely can't find the words to express how grateful we are for the love and care you've provided over the last 2 years.

Visitor feedback

I just wanted to say what a lovely experience I had this morning having a look around the Shadwell Childcare facilities. I was so impressed with what a brilliant set up you have.......I especially loved the imaginative themes that you use and how you incorporate education into play.

It was lovely to see how happy all the children were and how engaged they were with their staff member and I can see how, given the opportunity, my little girl would thrive in such a warm and friendly environment.

...they are so ready for school in September and we thank you for equipping them so readily for the journey ahead.

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