Parental Involvement

Our communication promise to you

We believe that nursery life should be a partnership with the home and welcome parental involvement at every stage

At Shadwell Childcare we recognise that parents and carers are their child's primary carers and we work continually to build trusting relationships with parents to create a stable, secure environment for children. We use a wide range of ways to communicate with you to let you know all of the fun we are having from wonderful activities on a daily basis to special event days and welcome every opportunity for you to share information with us.

Your child's key person

Within our setting we operate a Key Person system. Their primary role is to ensure all of your child's needs are met and that they are safe and happy. Your child's key person will work in partnership with you and your child, building up a caring and fun bond, allowing each child to enjoy their time with us. Taking time to bond with your child, your key person will learn about your child's likes and dislikes and will plan according to your child's development and learning. They will be available for you to speak with on a daily basis and will be happy to support any transitions or changes from within your home life for example the arrival of a new baby, a house move or even toilet training. Working closely together allow continuity and security for your child, creating happy, secure children.

Parent Partnership is very important to us, please see the Key Person bags we recently launched. We hope you and your child enjoy them!

Key Person bag Information

Learning Journal

At nursery your child will have a learning journal that stays with them from their first day and is given to you as a wonderful keep sake when they move on. The journal is a special tale of their time with us and shows activities they have taken part in, artwork they have made and tracks their learning and development. There are sections for you to add in special moments such as holidays, new family members and pets and exciting weekend walks.  We are happy for you to email us any photos and information and your child could explain them to their peers in nursery.  We will  then add them in to the journal as part of your child's nursery memories.

Your feedback on the parent sections of the journal is much appreciated and important to us.

If you would like to provide feedback for our new Parent Link app please find attached our First Steps questionnaire, if you would like to complete and send back through to us it would be greatly appreciated.

First Steps questionnaire 2019


Comments from parents:

I firstly just wanted to say that I really love and appreciate the extra communication and interactions you are all providing, I find this really great for myself being a parent as it helps to be more involved and be more aware and know what is going on the overall end of term pdf you provide from Parent link is just amazing in order to keep, that's really has also been wonderful to print, keep and also send onto our family, thank you!


Dear Staff,

Thank you so very much for sending this (the PDF learning journal update) through. It's actually brought a tear to my eye! So kind and thoughtful and just so wonderful to see how happy she is. It's so lovely to be able to share such precious time with her grandparents too. Thank you for everything, we appreciate all you do so much.

Thank you so much for collating this and sending it (the termly pdf journal) . I've absolutely loved looking at this - it's beautiful. - Thank you for all you do.

This is absolutely wonderful, thank you so much for creating this for us. You have been great xx



Keeping in touch

We try to use as many methods as we can to keep you informed of your child's day. As well as your key person and journals there are;


Each half term you will receive a Newsletter that explains all Important Dates, what topics we are focusing on, what our planning for the next term will be and how you can support your child at home plus lots of other interesting and useful information. We will email the newsletters and there are copies available on the parents noticeboard in each room should you need them.

Parents evenings

To spend time discussing your child's progress, how they have settled and answering any questions that you may have.

Please click on the link below for our latest parents evening letter:

Parents evening Bluebell 2020

Weekly Blogs

We upload a weekly blog to our Parent Link app that is full of lovely photos and lets you know everything the children have been up to that week.

Topic letters

These are full of fabulous photos and information  explaining special days we have taken part in.

Communication emails and reminders

All newsletters / topic letters are also emailed but we use the system to send out general reminders and useful information.

Parents notice board

Lots of information of nursery activities, menus, local support groups and many other useful guides.

Parent questionnaires

We regularly send out questionnaires where your feedback is collated and used to inform our next stage of development. This is a valuable way to ensure we continue doing what is is working and keep enhancing our setting.


With lots of fabulous photos showing the fun and happy times we have and lots of useful information! If there is anything you would like to see or find useful please let the office know.

In person

Of course we are available each day at drop off and collection, via email or telephone.

We really do welcome any suggestions you may have in how we can enhance our communication with you, please let us know!

Parents Involvement

We welcome all of our parents into our setting and are very lucky that many come in to share details of celebrations and festivals with all of our children and staff.  If you would like to share any event with us, a family holiday, religious celebration or a new family member or pet, please let your child's Key Person know and we can arrange for a visit.

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