Breakfast and Out Of School Club


Our Breakfast Club is well attended by children from 2 - 11 years old. Due to popular demand we are now opening at 7.30am - 9.00am Monday - Friday. It provides a nutritious balanced breakfast to ensure the best start to the day for all of our children.

The staff liaise directly with school to ensure the safe transition from breakfast club into the class room or school area for the start of school day. Our breakfast menu consists of a wide choice of cereals, bagels, yoghurts and fresh fruit all with a choice of fresh orange juice, fresh apple juice, milk or water.

Our highly popular Out Of School Club has been catering for 2-11 year olds successfully for over 10 years. It runs from 3.30 - 6.00 Monday - Friday and liaises directly with school to ensure the safe transition from school to us.

The club is run by a team of highly experienced childcare professionals who have in-depth knowledge of caring for children of all ages. Children will be happy and nurtured in a safe and secure environment whilst taking part in a range of fun activities that help them relax and have fun after a day at nursery or school and everyone receives a healthy, and nutritious meal.

As well as planned activities children also have access to a wide choice of free play activities including board games, access to the outdoor area, a home corner with small world and technology and the book corner.

Healthy Schools

Reviewed as part of the Heathy Schools Award, Mindmate Friendly Accreditation and the PSHE award for breakfast and OOSC.

 Our aim is to ensure that all aspects of food and nutrition in nursery, BC and OOSC promotes the health and well-being of all children and to ensure that children have an understanding of a balanced diet and the need for a range of foods.

We will offer increased opportunities for all children to access healthy eating and we encourage healthy choices.  We will communicate and teach which foods we should eat more of, and which foods should be eaten in moderation. We will adhere to food standards, fulfil all the requirements of the authority and promote healthy foods and encourage children to widen their choices through discussion, communication and participation.

All children will be welcome to the provision regardless of dietary, health or cultural requirements and food and  meals will be adapted to fit individual requirements.

  • A diet encompassing food from a range of cultures ensures that children from all backgrounds encounter familiar tastes and that all children have the opportunity also to try unfamiliar foods
  • We work alongside parents whose children have any special dietary requirements and needs. For example: allergies, diabetes, celiac disease and cultural needs e.g. religious, vegetarian, vegan
  • We provide training for staff to reflect all health needs and to ensure knowledge of food nutrition and health and hygiene
  • For healthy brain function, children will be encouraged to drink water throughout the day; children have access to a chilled water dispenser
  • We will encourage children to eat vegetables, salad and fruit by placing a bowl of chopped on each table
  • All lunch dishes prepared are made from scratch; home-made using fresh produce under LCC catering
  • OOSC meals are created to reflect the school lunch menus to ensure there is no duplication of foods, meals or processed items.
  • Food diaries can be offered to parents where monitoring or further information is required

Parent feedback on the nutritional support provided;

I wanted to send a quick note to express my gratitude to the nursery for the huge level support given to us when moving my daughter to a gluten free diet earlier this month.

From the moment I had the conversation to discuss changes we were hoping to put in place I felt re-assured that S would feel comfortable with the diet changes at nursery……we were instantly supported and made to feel that it was no trouble at all. That same day I had confirmation that a gluten free menu at breakfast and after school club could be changed from her next session and that the gluten free menu had been ordered with the school, I had also received the menu to look over.

It has only been a short time since diet changes were put in place but she is happy and the regular updates from the setting as to how she is doing are incredible.

Thank you for everything that you've done for us.


I honestly cannot put into words how grateful we both are for both you and your teams support.

As you know engaging M in eating has been incredibly challenging for us... she previously lived off toast and custard! Since being in your care we have seen her experiment with tasting and trying new textures and this is a huge leap forward for her.

Your communication with us has been amazing as has your willingness to support M any way you can.

We are truly grateful.


My son has a health care plan in place for when he is in breakfast and after school club as he is Type 1 diabetic and so has to have his food carb counted before he can eat.

We have been able to choose a full menu chosen which is carb counted so that he is able to enjoy the same foods as everyone else. Paula and the team have been incredibly helpful and supportive with his situation….. The care plan is updated regularly dependent on his changing needs and carb requirements.

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