Our Curriculum

At Shadwell Childcare our curriculum is one of celebration, imagination and inspiration. We celebrate the fascinations and interests of our children, their communities and cultural backgrounds  and the different ways in which they learn. Our dedicated and qualified practitioners recognise and celebrate our children's developmental achievements, and as a team, work tirelessly to inspire further learning.

To achieve this, our ambitious curriculum focuses on the needs of the child and the opportunities and support they need to be provided with to flourish. Our first step is to help our children to feel safe and secure as they settle into the nursery-life and our practitioners use their knowledge of child development to quickly assess how best to support your little one as they explore our enabling environment.

At Shadwell Childcare the  Early Years Foundation Stage provides the statutory framework in which we work to support your children as they learn with us, and together with tailored training and non-statutory tools such as Development Matters, we work to ensure that your children have the best possible support to reach their developmental goals.

Our curriculum is a responsive one, informed by the conversations, activities, interests and lives of our children. It is stimulating and exciting - we challenge the children to explore new activities and to practice new skills so that they learn to be confident and independent thinkers. The aim of our curriculum is to ensure that we have provided our children with the best possible opportunities to learn and practice the skills they will need to flourish as they make that all-important transition to "big school" . We would be delighted to  welcome your little one on this journey.

Learning of the Week


Each week we focus our learning on a specific sound, shape, number and book.  This allows the children to have a deep and thorough understanding of concepts before moving on. Please find below our Learning of the week plan for the next coming weeks.

Children are encouraged to bring in an object that is associated with the sound, number or shape.

Sound - the item should begin with that phonetic sound; for example; 'A' could be Apple or Ant (but not A as in Angel). The children have an opportunity to listen to different sounds, try to sound them out and search for the letter sounds in their environment, at home or at nursery.

Numbers and shapes can be found in the environment, traffic signs (circle or triangle) or your front door number. We will explore how many sides a shape has, describe it, create things from different shapes and with numbers we will be forming the number, adding one on, taking one away and recognising the number.

Our book of the week allows us to discuss the story, what could happen…..why did it happen…. What sounds are there…. If you have anything to bring in relating to the book that would be wonderful.

Bluebell Learning of the Week 22-23

Sunflower Learning of the Week 22-23


Please click the links below to watch our wonderful staff videos showing you how we follow and explore our learning of the week.

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