Healthy Eating


Early years settings provide an ideal opportunity to encourage young children to eat well and learn about food. This not only helps protect their health while young but also sets the foundations for their future health and wellbeing. We actively promote healthy eating, engage children in choices and praise them for trying new foods.  The children help in the preparation of snacks, take part in baking activities and we continually discuss the benefits of different foods and drinks.


At Shadwell Childcare we are extremely lucky to have Leeds City Council School catering facilities on site and our lunches are prepared from fresh ingredients on site. Each day there are options to cover all nutritional requirements but that also cater for all dietary needs.


Breakfast and our Out Of School Club are prepared on site and a menu is produced in conjunction with the lunch time meals to ensure children are offered a variety of foods over the day.


Our amazing mid morning and afternoon snacks consist of fresh and dried fruit, crackers, breadsticks and sometimes our own baking! Milk is offered at morning break and water is easily accessible for all children which they are encouraged to drink throughout the day.

Allergies & Dietary Requirements


We respect all dietary and allergy requests. We do this through:

Collecting information about dietary requirements for children before starting at the setting.

Policies and procedures are in place to support and manage children's dietary requirements.

Food allergen information is available for all food and drink provided in line with EU and UK legislation.

All staff receive training on food handling and hygiene

Dietary and allergy boards are visible for all staff as a reference point as well as individual child files

Our Lunch Menus

An example menu is below. The current menu is displayed in the Nursery Room 

Spring/Summer Menu 2024

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